Targeted Supplementation

As part of our cancer treatments, we include Targeted Supplementation therapy as an important base in most of our adjunctive therapeutic plans.

There is general acceptance to the fact that cancer patients are significantly depleted of major micronutrients, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements required for a healthy life. Due to this predicament, the need for supplements intake has become inevitable because our diet nowadays is of low nutritional quality. A session of nutritional counseling has, therefore, become a necessity due to the fact that there are a lot of supplements options and there is a need to know what to take and how to take it.

Antioxidants & Herbs

Antioxidants & Herbs

Fish Oil & Omegas

Fish oil & omegas



Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins & minerals

Health Topic

Health Topic





Weight & Sport

Weight & sport

1. Request the treatment (by phone or in an electronic form) supplemented with your medical information:

      • records of medical history,
      • latest general clinical and biochemical blood test.

2. Based on these documents, doctors will make an assessment of your health condition and make the decision on the suitability of the therapy.

Our products

All of our products are rooted in detailed scientific research, providing the best foundation for quality supplements. Each and every one of our products is based on the same 3 core principles: Quality, Potency, and Purity. Similarly to when you choose your food, you don’t compromise when it comes to these factors. We don’t either.

Most of our brands are from the US, and certain ingredients are subject to regulatory restriction according to laws in the Netherlands where we operate. Although we would be happy to distribute all products, we are unfortunately prohibited from carrying the complete selection because we are working under the guidelines of the Dutch Food Authorities, NVWA, who follow the recommendations from the EU´s Food Safety Agency, EFSA. For this reason, we do not have all of the products that you might be able to find on our brands direct websites.

To move past this, we often reformulate products to make them match European and NVMA supplementation standards and regulations, allowing us to offer as many products to the European market as possible. For example, if you choose to purchase the Two-Per-Day supplement from the US, the B6 level will be too high according to EU standards. Ours will not, as we’re reformulating, yet not compromising the overall quality as we get the products reformulated from the same manufacturer/ brand with same science and standards.

Do you have a Health Goal?

You may be …. with us because you have always eaten supplements. It may also be because you have a health condition that requires you to change certain aspects of your diet, or it may be because you have made an active decision to live healthier. Whatever your motivation is for …… with us, it is driven by things you want to achieve with your supplement regimen. These are your Health Goals. A Health Goal could for instance be to improve bone strength. Our assorted supplements possessing high-quality vitamins, minerals, omegas, antioxidants, and probiotics can help you achieve your Health Goals.

The difference between vitamins and minerals - why you need both.

Vitamins are organic compounds, whereas minerals are inorganic compounds. Vitamins are more vulnerable to influences such as heat and light, and can be easily destroyed by improper food storage, processing and cooking. Comparatively, minerals are more stable during food preparation and are more resilient to external factors. They can be classified into two groups: Major minerals such as calcium and magnesium, of which the body requires larger amounts and trace minerals such as selenium and zinc, of which the body requires only small amounts.

Although a diverse diet can contribute to your body getting all the nutrients it needs, it can be hard to satisfy all of your nutritional requirements through food consumption alone. By taking vitamin and mineral supplement formulas such as multivitamins including One-Per-DayTwo-Per-Day, and Life Extension Mix, you no longer have to worry about achieving your daily nutritional intake since they contain all the vitamins and minerals you need for daily coverage and more.

Why Vitamins?

The health benefits associated with taking vitamins are documented and well understood. Although some will claim that those who eat a balanced diet comprised of fruits and vegetables need not worry about vitamins, the truth of the matter is that very few people receive enough nutrients on a daily basis.

Dosing vitamins of the highest quality at this level has immense benefits beyond protection against deficiencies. It optimizes energy levels, hormonal balance, cardiovascular wellness, bone strength, digestive ease, visual acuity, cognitive agility, emotional stability, and joint integrity.

Why Minerals?

Minerals are essential to human health because they support thousands of vital processes and functions in the human body. They are crucial for core tasks such as building bones. Even further, minerals are used to maintain healthy brain function in advanced age, support the nervous system function, and support hundreds of enzymatic processes.

In fact, our bodies need an astonishing amount of minerals to operate effectively. Magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, boron, manganese, and molybdenum are just some of the compounds that the body relies on to perform its duties every day.

Why Omegas?

The body needs fatty acids to survive, we are able to make all but two of them: linoleic acid (LA), in the Omega-6 family, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in the Omega-3 family. These two fatty acids must be supplied by the diet, and they are therefore considered essential fatty acids (EFAs).

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in coldwater fish (and fish oil), perilla and flaxseed oils, are essential elements of a healthy regimen. Omega-3 oils contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are usually absent in the typical Western diet, which is filled with foods containing high amounts of Omega-6 fats. The Omega-3 fatty acids have incredible health benefits as they promote heart health, help maintain healthy vascular function, support cognitive health, and inhibit inflammatory factors that can affect joint comfort, and much more.

In regards to fish oil, not all deliver the same. Our Omega range features a pure, fresh fish oil made from sustainably harvested Alaska Pollock, earning our selection the International Fish Oil Standards’ (IFOS™) highest 5-star rating. Inspired by the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, the superior formula also contains olive extract, sesame lignans, and natural lemon flavor, making it the most comprehensive Omega-3 supplement for heart and cognitive health support on the market.

Why Antioxidants?

Your body is constantly exposed to free radicals which are reactive compounds that can damage cells and other bodily structures. Free radicals exist both in the environment and inside of your body, and they cannot entirely be avoided. If left unopposed, free radicals can contribute to the progression of the natural aging process and the common diseases associated with it. Many fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of a variety of antioxidants that can target different types of free radicals. However, supplementation with antioxidants can improve your body’s defense mechanisms and counteract the cell damage caused by free radicals.

For instance, Vitamin C is well-known for its antioxidant properties, contributing to overall optimal body function and postponing the natural aging process. You can see a full overview of all of our antioxidant products HERE.

Why Keto?

Keto refers to a Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) diet, also known as the ketogenic diet. When you replace carbohydrates with healthy fats, protein and vegetables grown above ground as your main source of food, your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis. As you continue eating high-fat foods, the excess glucose stored in your body becomes depleted.

Your body becomes extremely efficient at burning fat for energy by producing ketones instead of glucose. A ketone is an acidic chemical that is released in the blood while you’re in ketosis.

In short, when the body needs to use energy, it uses glucose first and then fat deposits. But with the keto diet, the body burns fat rather than glucose as it reaches a ketogenic (fat-burning) state. As a result, the keto diet has shown its ability to promote weight loss, energize and enhance mental acuity.

Reaching ketosis takes up to approximately two weeks with the right keto diet. Fortunately, there are a variety of nutraceuticals that can help shift the body into fat-burning within a matter of days by inhibiting the mTOR pathway to quickly push the body into ketosis.

Keto Before 6™ rapidly returns the body to ketosis in a matter of days, rather than weeks. This allows a more well-rounded, sustainable diet that supports a healthy weight, energy production, cognitive performance, and cellular regeneration.

Why Probiotics?

Probiotics balance the digestive system, preventing unwanted digestive discomfort and ensuring the obtainment of helpful nutrients. By supplementing with pre and probiotics, you can support beneficial bacterial flora in your digestive tract, while suppressing unwanted microorganisms. The benefits of probiotics are even more encompassing than this, for these friendly organisms also support the immune system.

Keto on Demand with Keto Before 6<sup>TM</sup>

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