Jekaterina Russaka

Jekaterina Russaka

Jekaterina speaks English, Russian, and if necessary, she can offer an interpreter to help our customers during specialist consultations and procedures.

Patient Service is always to support you

We provide an individual approach to our patients. Each patient receives a personal manager to help throughout the treatment process. Please ask everything to our Patient Service Specialists.

Patient Service steps into communication with potential patient whenever he shows a willingness to attend the clinic. It is our way how to ensure that all your requirements are going to be fulfilled as well as you will get the best service possible.

Patient Service follows your treatment plan, coordinates communication with doctors, manages administrative and payment questions, informs you if additional information is required, helps to plan the available visit time in Latvia, organizes everything related to the arrival (visa, transport), provides you with all the necessary means of communication, and organises your safe trip home after finishing the initial course, continuing to communicate with you during the rest of the treatment up to the next visit. They are also able to consult on the best options on how to spend your free time in Jurmala and Latvia.


Phone: +371 67 229 522

Looking for Advice?

We get very mellow explaining how treatments work that can yield success sharing an underlying medical mechanism, which explains their effect.


If you’re curious, reach out and we’ll set up a time to talk.
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