Rehabilitation in case of severe and chronic diseases

While facing a serious illness – oncology, slowly healing injuries, chronic pain, a person becomes morally depressed and physically weak, and his strength is exhausted. How to normalize your condition, strengthen the power of mind and mobilize the body to fight the disease? Methods of modern integrative medicine can significantly improve the quality of life of a sick person.

The role of the cause of the disease

It is no secret that traditional medicine does not treat the cause, but the result. And most doctors are engaged in their narrow specialization – oncology, gastrointestinal tract, spine, joints, cardiovascular system, relief of chronic pain, etc. In order to see the picture as a whole, it is necessary to gather a consilium, led by a wise and experienced professor, who can put together this whole mosaic of scattered diagnoses, analyse, understand the reasons and try to solve the problem. Usually, the patient goes from doctor to doctor – one treats the underlying disease, the other concomitant ones, and the third – sleep problems and depression that arose from these endless visits to medical facilities.

Integrative approach for disease treatment

Integrative medicine, on the other hand, regards the patient as a whole, and all his illnesses – not only as pathologies of a particular organ, but as a reaction of the whole organism to certain factors. In the integrative medicine they take into account the lifestyle, diet, and the psychosomatic components. That is why the AmberLife Cancer Clinic has a team of professionals, which includes highly qualified integrative medicine doctors of various fields: oncologists, immunologists, rehabilitologists, algologists (specialists of chronic pain), nutritionists, dietary supplements specialists, infectologists, physiotherapists, as well as art therapists , psychologists, coaches in meditative practices and qi-gun and yoga.

Our task

is to boost the patient’s immune system, restore the body’s functions at the cellular level, and also improve the psychological state of a person and thus stimulate the body to fight the disease. And apart from that, carry out the procedures for “detoxification”, which is necessary after chemotherapy and strong oncological drugs that affect the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. After a comprehensive rehabilitation, the patient’s quality of life improves remarkably: both physically and mentally.

AmberLife Cancer Clinic offers the following rehabilitation programs:

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