Patient Testimonials

These are the patient’s personal experiences. This information is not medical advice. Healthcare specialists undertake responsibility for a patient’s treatment on the basis of their professionalism, experience and the information they have about a patient.

Lisbeth from Denmark

“I was so tired after surgery. It was a kinda teamwork!” – Lisbeth encourages to take a stand for one’s wellbeing “Don’t believe if somebody says that You’ll gonna die soon.”

Lisbeth /20.05.2019./

Klaas from Holland

According to this statement – “Especially for cancer, you don’t know when you will be better or will be better, but try to do something for yourself. That’s important!” our patient encourages to take a stand for one’s wellbeing.

Klaas from Holland /20.03.2019./

I like the way how you treat people

I like the way how you treat people- as a whole person, holistic approach. And it definitely works!

Nadine from the United Kingdom /16.08.2017./

I’m very proud that after using virotherapy I gave birth to a healthy baby

There is no doubt also women without children who have been diagnosed with melanoma and are afraid that they won’t be able to have children. They might think that they can’t have a complete life. I have a healthy child and my girl is living proof that it can happen. 

Zane from Latvia /15.08.2017./

Inspiring week at the ALCC

“Thank you for an inspiring week at the A.L.C.C. You are all wonderful, beautiful people; the dedication, empathy, support and of course, the work carried out by the entire team could never be surpassed, and what a stunning location in Jurmala!”

Martin Beeston, England /17.08.2018/

I have learned a lot

“Thank you so much for everything! I have learned a lot for myself after these days. Now my hope is on virotherapy and taking care of myself.”

Love, Catherine and Klaas, Netherlands /07.09.2018/

With deep regards and love and thank to the incredible staff

“As the mother of a patient doing Virotherapy and Gerson therapy I can extend my heartfelt to thanks to Amber Life Clinic for bringing health back to our daughter, Kym. Words cannot express how my family feels about the amazing results achieved. With deep regards and love and thank the incredible staff. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

Robyn from Australia

Words cannot express how my family feels about the amazing results achieved

“To everyone here at ALCC – thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our stay so incredible. We enjoyed every minute. The food was absolutely incredible. Thank you for everything. Hope to see you again in 6 months.”

Nikki and David from South Africa

Thank you for everything

“The vision for victory is set in the heaven for each of us to rise up and gasp… Thank you for unlocking the door of this gift to humanity that we who are in the midst of the battle can be greatly encouraged… With your help and the Almighty, we will increase in number to tell everyone and change the world – carving the darkness of disease to come into the light!
Thank you for everything,”

Yokib from Israel /3.03.2017./

Thank you to all the staff

“Thank you for everything. Thank you to all the staff and doctors here at the clinic.”

Elizabeth from Denver /18.03.2017./

Thank you for being so friendly and professional

“Thank you for being so friendly and professional. Your restful location made us feel that we were on holiday and not just for the treatment plan. Thank you to all the staff who made us feel so welcome. See you in 6 months!”

Francois from South Africa /20.05.2017./

Mind-blowing and life-changing experience

“This has been a mind-blowing and in fact a life-changing experience for us these past 7 days. We are ever so grateful for all that you have done for us, true professionalism at it’s best, kindness and care in every aspect!”

Jon and Elin, Iceland /28.04.2018/

The best I have felt in over a year

“To all at ALCC – thank you. As a patient here this is the best I have felt in over a year. I have been inspired by the different approach to healing.”

Penny and Barry from South Africa

To all of you – many thanks for this time

“For the 4th time staying – I am as always very very happy to be here again. All the staff here from the ones I hardly have seen, to all the others – you are so competent to your job and show so much empathy. This place is a wonderful one and the food is fantastic too. I had some good news from the ultrasound-scanning yesterday, that of course makes me very happy. To all of you – many thanks for this time.”

Synnove from Denmark /26.04.2017./

Thank you to the Amazing team for all the help and support!!!

“I want to say thank you again! This is my second visit to the clinic. I am taking Rigvir with my third line of chemotherapy, and I feel much better comparing to the experience of previous chemos. My blood tests are much better now, I recover faster after chemotherapy. I feel stronger, healthier and happier 🙂 Thank you to the Amazing team for all the help and support!!!”

Victoria from USA /27.04.2017./

Beautiful clinic and excellent people working here

“We were here for the first time, beautiful clinic and excellent people working here. We hope that we can visit Jurmala again in some period of time. Treatment in the Clinic is very good on a very high level, my wife is very happy after therapy. I would like to say “Thank you very much to all of you”. Good luck for everybody. One time you have to visit Poland! :)”

K.D.D.M.D. /05.05.2017./

To my friends at the Clinic

“Having been here for a week, I’m not sure I can adequately do justice to stating the appreciation I feel for being here and the care my brother has received. I knew we were coming here for Rigvir which I am so excited my brother has received. I am unprepared for the values of the additional therapies and the love in compassion of the entire staff. I honestly believe that if the director of the clinic were tasked with improving the staff, he would find it impossible to do so. The caring and compassion here is off the charts! I look forward to the Rigvir attacking this horrific disease and repairing my brother’s immune system. Additionally, he has new tools to fight the disease, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well, a true gift from the clinic. All the staff here is beyond exceptional! The work you do here is so important and all of you are so good at it. With all my heart, I thank you for the great care you have given my brother.”

Ed and Don from USA /11.02.2017./

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