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AmberLife Cancer Clinic is already today part of the future in cancer treatment!

Integrative treatment AmberLife Cancer Clinic is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of cancer, which does not exclude classical medical methods (surgical, radiation/chemotherapy, hormone therapy).
The integrative approach includes dendritic cell vaccine therapy, cytokine vaccine therapy and oncolytic virotherapy, as well as ozone therapy, vitamins, antioxidants, the use of various biological components, as well as energy, physiotherapy and acupuncture support programs, proper anti-tumour diet and a course of vitamins and food supplements.

This combination of various cancer treatments with alternative and traditional supplements, which creates a synergistic effect in the treatment.

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Our team focuses on patient’s entire well-being and has an individual approach to every patient. The clinic provides patients with effective and complex cancer treatment with virotherapy, additionally including elements of complementary and integrative medicine.

The Amber Life Cancer Clinic is in a quiet and pine-covered resort town Jurmala in Latvia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Property is only a short walk away from the beach. We offer only safe and harmless cancer treatment in a peaceful and relaxing environment for our patients.

We offer effective, safe and harmless cancer treatment in a peaceful and relaxing environment, ensuring high-quality medical care and comfort for our patients.

We give our patients the best possible medical treatment in a setting that promotes well-being.

  • Offering an individual approach to each patient
  • Integrative Medicine & Virotherapy centre of excellence
  • High-Quality Medical care
  • Safe cancer treatment in a peaceful and relaxing environment, private atmosphere and comfortable stay
  • Excellent, easily accessible location

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We get very mellow explaining how treatments work that can yield success sharing an underlying medical mechanism, which explains their effect.


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