MC-LeFlair is an outpatient clinic located in the exclusive centre of Düsseldorf.

Highly qualified doctors and therapists are integrated into one medical centre, which aims to offer the patient a first-class treatment concept and its implementation.

A wide range of contacts with many German clinics allows MC-Leflair to quickly respond to patient requests and solve problems with hospitalization, further treatment and rehabilitation in various fields of medicine.

Modern diagnostics and treatment methods at MedicalCenter Le Flair cover several main spectra: operative and conservative treatment of the musculoskeletal system, vessels, urology.

The main focus is on the problems of oncology. Successful, joint activities with partners from Latvia – Amber Life Cancer Clinic, its unique cancer treatment opportunities, united Germany and Latvia in a single desire to help European patients, who had lost all hope of healing from an oncological disease.

AmberLife Clinic is a full-service medical institution with access to a wide range of World class diagnostics and Integrative medical treatments for our patients. We are ready to ensure specific examinations and targeted consultations with well-qualified specialists in their respective fields.

We are creating wide partnership with companies and individual partners around the world, to ensure availability of solid information to cancer patients about integrative cancer treatments and accessibility options to treat diseases in AmberLife Cancer Clinic.

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