Nowadays, Eurolab medical center is a model of high excellence and state-of-the-art medical services. The specialists of the clinic offer their patients modern laboratory diagnostics, the check-up within the SIEMENS diagnostic unit and a wide range of clinical services both for adults and children. Here is also a children in-patient unit and the Genetic studies center. The medical activities of our center are built according to international standards and are oriented to the world’s leading clinics.

The center of diagnostic medicine was certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 15189. Since then and so far, Eurolab remains the leading medical facility in Ukraine, recognized in accordance with these International standards. In addition, Eurolab laboratory participates in the external quality systems, such as BIO RAD – EQAS, Randox – RIQAS.
Eurolab medical center offers its clients high excellence diagnostics and treatment in the following fields:
– Family medicine
– Gastroenterology
– Endocrinology
– Gynecology
– Urology
– Neurology
– Pediatrics
– Hematology
– Allergology
– Dermatology
– Cardiology
– Otolaryngology

In addition, in Eurolab medical centre you can obtain “second” medical opinion service from highly skilled professionals, including the radiologists of higher category, who are the members of various international professional organizations.

We are highlighting our Integrative medical partners!

AmberLife Clinic is a full-service medical institution with access to a wide range of World class diagnostics and Integrative medical treatments for our patients. We are ready to ensure specific examinations and targeted consultations with well-qualified specialists in their respective fields.

We are creating wide partnership with companies and individual partners around the world, to ensure availability of solid information to cancer patients about integrative cancer treatments and accessibility options to treat diseases in AmberLife Cancer Clinic.

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