In medicine, as in other industries, there is a transformation that, together with an increase in the role of patients, provides new opportunities for cross-border care. Developers of data-based solutions are more open to results-based competition and encourage patients not only to rely on local family doctors, but to also be more actively involved in their health management, which I believe promotes medical tourism to Latvia.

Looking for additional growth engines for the development of Latvia it is necessary to take into consideration the sectors of the economy where it is possible to create products or services with high added value that would be demanded at international markets. The opportunities to move closer to leading positions in medical development should also be exploited, as illustrated by the Amber Capital Cancer Clinic development model. In addition, medical tourism can help promote a wider range of medical-related services that are unique at Amber Capital Cancer Clinic. What are the strengths of Amber Capital Cancer Clinic in the fight for foreign customers? First of all, we have world-class doctors and internationally competitive medicine, that have already achieved significant success – results abroad. Secondly, the European Union is the second largest market for medical tourism in the world, and Latvia is part of it.Third, there is a very dynamic range of private medical service providers in Latvia that is worth it. Fourth, Latvia has a well-developed international airport, a national airline and developed tourism infrastructure in Riga. The combination of these factors is a key element of a competitive offer. Therefore, our goal is to be leaders in attracting medical tourism to Latvia and in other countries around the world by representing Amber Capital Cancer Clinic

AmberLife Clinic is a full-service medical institution with access to a wide range of World class diagnostics and Integrative medical treatments for our patients. We are ready to ensure specific examinations and targeted consultations with well-qualified specialists in their respective fields.

We are creating wide partnership with companies and individual partners around the world, to ensure availability of solid information to cancer patients about integrative cancer treatments and accessibility options to treat diseases in AmberLife Cancer Clinic.

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