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What is AmberLife Cancer Clinic?

AmberLife Cancer Clinic is a very responsible clinic for integrative medicine practitioners and responsible professionals. Our code of ethics doesn’t allow us to give false expectations and provide misleading claims, success rates, and treatment results. Our judgment is a rather realistic view based on our understanding of the patient condition, status, and possible outcome. We say only what we believe is fair to say.

Our holistic approach to cancer treatment

At the clinic, we offer integrative therapies in combination with several other treatments, all aiming at improving each patient’s health status and well-being.

Every patient is treated by oncologists and immunologists specialized in integrative medicine practices. Each patient is also offered appointments with a nutritionist, physiotherapist, art therapist and doctors of other specialties, as required

Team-work for the better result

The leading oncologist and an immunologist will supervise and guide you through the whole treatment, making necessary adjustments and assessing test results in co-operation with other specialists, who are involved in the therapy.

  • Nutritionist consultation for nutritional advice in a variety of cancer settings to improve health and well-being as well as to discuss your dietary plan and recommendations during the virotherapy treatment.
  • Physiotherapy sessions for physical improvements in your everyday life, dealing with pain relief, stiffness and other medical conditions that may relate to your diagnosis or your lifestyle.
  • Mindful eating sessions to provide you with emotional support, stability, and strength in continuation of the treatment process with a more positive and empowering attitude.
  • Art therapy sessions as an interactive method to discover your inner talents and find harmony under circumstances that are not always easy to handle when facing health challenges.
  • Sessions focused on mind and body relaxation techniques, also known as an energetic therapy session conducted by an acclaimed doctor and author.
  • Acupuncture sessions to improve your body’s functions, to promote self-healing, to improve sleep or digestion, as well as to relieve pain.

Staying together and being supported by close ones

Your family members or friends are welcome to take part in these sessions so that they can also learn about integrative medicine and *the* holistic approach to cancer treatment. It is important for us to ensure that you will feel safe about the continuation of the treatment at home with full information and practical knowledge support.

We offer:

  • high-quality medical care
  • nutritious meals
  • comfortable rooms
  • private atmosphere
Accommodation in AmberLife Clinic

Feel yourself at home

We are considering all options regarding your requirements and preferences whether you would like to stay together with the family member or accompanying person while at the clinic. Be relaxed in one of our cosy rooms, which are equipped with suite shower/bath and WC, a safety box, cable TV and a fridge. The building has 220 V voltage, adapters are available. Complimentary wireless Internet access keeps you connected with your family and satellite programming is available for your entertainment. Private bathrooms with bathtubs or showers feature hair dryers and bathrobes. Enjoy recreation amenities such as bicycles, Nordic walking or take in the view from a rooftop terrace.We offer:

  • single, double and family (double+double) rooms
  • superior rooms with private terrace
  • single room with a functional bed


Catering in AmberLife Clinic

Eating is a necessity but cooking is art

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and fresh raw juices in our dining hall every day. Meals are prepared by our chef with taking into account recommendations from your nutritionist as well as your specific needs. Our personnel follow all dietary requirements as well as respects cultural and national differences. Consultations from local nutrition specialists are also available not only during your stay in clinics but also afterwards when the treatment process continues.

The wide range of ecological products is available from local biological farms. We are working in close cooperation with them to provide you with fresh and healthy food. Also, we use only gluten, sugar and lactose-free products.


Jurmala – peaceful and relaxing environment on the coast of Baltic Sea

The Amber Life Cancer Clinic is situated in the city of Jurmala – the town that is 25 kilometres (16 miles) west from the capital city Riga, an only 20-minute drive from the Riga International Airport (RIX). The clinic is offering transfers from and to the airport as well as from and to capital city Riga.

Jūrmala is one of the few cities in Europe where one can not only breathe fresh seaside air but also enjoy the natural aromatherapy provided by pine forests. A third of the city’s area is forested, and in most places, the beach is hidden behind a belt of pine-covered dunes. Here the forest has literally entered the city, bringing with it a sense of calm and harmony as well as a very welcome feeling of balance to the inhabitants and guests alike. Everything here will help in the process of treatment.

Amber Life Cancer Clinic is located just a 3min walk from Jurmala’s beach. It is the perfect stage for witnessing both the beauty and strength of nature. In the daytime, the sun heats, cools, lights up and shades the broad expanses of sand and water, while in the evenings it paints the sky in a wonderful palette of colour.


We care for the patients not only during their stay at the clinic but all the way through their fight with cancer. It is a mutual trust and agreement between the patient and the doctor to defeat the disease.


Amber Life Cancer Clinic wants to become a trusted leader in Integrative cancer treatment.

A team working together for your health

Our Cancer Care Team

Dr. Ārija Cipruse
Dr. Ārija Cipruse
Doctor of Acupuncture
Jekaterina Russaka
Patient service manager
Sanita Ciganovska
Sanita Ciganovska
Art therapist
Ieva Madrevica
Ieva Madrevica
Clinic Administrator
Janis Placins
Janis Placins
Technical manager
Jūlija Zemļinska
Jūlija Zemļinska
Physiotherapy Specialist
Diāna Otisone
Diāna Otisone
Patient service manager
Dr. Inta Jaunalksne
Dr. Inta Jaunalksne
Juris Steinbergs
Juris Steinbergs
Medical Director
Dr. Guna Proboka
Dr. Guna Proboka

Our team focuses on patient’s entire well-being and has an individual approach to every patient. The clinic provides patients with effective and complex cancer treatment with virotherapy, additionally including elements of complementary and integrative medicine.

We offer only safe and harmless cancer treatment in a peaceful and relaxing environment for our patients.

The Amber Life Cancer Clinic is in a quiet and pine-covered resort town Jurmala in Latvia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Property is only a short walk away from the beach. 


We commit ourselves to assist the patient from the time of application form submission and during the whole treatment process as long as the patient requires support from the clinic.

  • At first, the patient fills in the application form attaching all necessary medical documentation, based on which doctors will provide eligibility assessment.

  • By arrival in the clinic, the patient receives various specialists consultations, as well as all the necessary examinations.

  • Monitoring includes assessment of patient’s overall health condition, quality of life, blood test results and additional visual examinations. Following it, a new treatment plan with specialist recommendations is developed.

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On 10 April 2017 Amber Life Cancer Clinic Ltd. and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have signed an agreement Nr.SKV-L-2017/195 on a support within a framework of a project “Enhancement of International Competitiveness” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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