How does the Oncolytic Virotherapy affect cancer cells?

Oncolytic virotherapy is an effective cancer treatment using special viruses, capable of finding and destroying malignant tumour cells in the body. The first registered and still the one and only genetically unmodified virus available worldwide.

The virus finds and infects malignant tumour cells in a process called oncotropism. The virus replicates itself in the cells of a malignant tumour destroying them in a process called oncolysis. Viruses not only destroy cancer cells but also activate the body’s natural immune system, which also targets the malignant cells.

1. Highly selective and with the ability to preferentially seek and enter tumor cells while sparing non-cancerous tissues and cells. So far, no resistance has been identified during oncolytic virotherapy.

2. The medicine contains a live, adapted, non-pathogenic and not genetically modified enterovirus.

3. Stimulates the natural defense system of the body by activating immunity, which other treatment methods usually suppress.

4. Oncolytic virotherapy is an innovative cancer treatment using an oncotropic and oncolytic virus that finds and destroys malignant cells in the human body.

5. Virus not only destroys cancer cells but also affects the immune system, inducing immune cell activity and mobilizing them to fight cancer.

6. It is maximally efficient in replicating inside cancer cells and destroying tumor tissue.

injection of anti-cancer drug medicine

1. Request the treatment (by phone or in an electronic form) supplemented with your medical information:

      • records of medical history,
      • latest general clinical and biochemical blood test.

2. Based on these documents, doctors will make an assessment of your health condition and make the decision on the suitability of the therapy.

Why do patients choose Oncolytic Virotherapy?

Virotherapy destroys tumour cells selectively without affecting the healthy cells of the body, this therapy has no side effects

Oncolytic Virotherapy stimulates the body’s natural defence mechanisms by activating the immune system, which is often suppressed by other treatment methods, it is a safe therapy, with promising results in various types of cancer

Oncolytic Virotherapy can be used against tumours that don’t respond well to radiation or chemotherapy, such as melanomas

Virotherapy can be used at various stages throughout the treatment process: before or after surgery and also between radiation or chemotherapy treatments

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