Movie of 8 cancer survivors climbing Mont Blanc

We are very inspired to see how they (8 of our clinic patients) stand for their well-being, how they appreciate moments of life they are living. They are giving a very worthy lesson to enjoy each moment.

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The film was premiered on the 10th of August in Riga in the presence of all eight cancer patients, filmmakers, and guests. After watching the film, spectators have expressed that filmmakers have been able to perfectly reflect the full range of expeditions and patient’s emotions throughout the two-week climb. The participants of the climb also admitted that watching the film reintroduced the emotions a year ago and made through the climb again as the first time. Participants also acknowledged that they would accept and get away with challenges like this again in order to inspire other cancer patients around the world. The aim of the movie is to inspire cancer patients around the world, as it demonstrates that this disease can be overcome and reach personal and global peaks. The film’s spectators admitted that the film has achieved its goal, with the true story and the real emotions, everyone is touched and ponders how present we are at a given moment in life, how we value what we have in life and how qualitative we live our lives actually.

Aina Muceniece Virotherapy foundation offers another opportunity to join for the film ANOTHER TASTE OF LIFE on the 23rd of March, which is prof. Aina Muceniece’s birthday. Only this day everybody is welcomed to watch this inspirational film for free, where eight people challenging destiny came together from all around the world to attempt Mont Blanc, each of them having faced cancer and carrying a different tale to tell. All of them are united by the fight against cancer.

Life is a never-ending climb and it’s up to us to choose the next stepping stone.
We’ve all been gifted with the driving spirit of a seeker that propels us to live life to the fullest. Inspirational people challenging destiny came together from all around the world to attempt Mont Blanc, each of them having faced cancer and carrying a different tale to tell.
All of them united by fight. Fight against cancer.
They are real cancer warriors.

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