Mini chek- up package

A mini check-up is made up of specific immunological testing, blood, and urine tests. These test samples are taken at AmberLife Clinic and tested at an accredited laboratory that has the tools to carry out these diagnostic tests. Once we get the results on the same day, they would be examined by a qualified Immunologist.

The aim of the Mini Check-up program is to evaluate the immunological response of the patient’s body’s natural defense and supporting the immune system. This plays a major role in the treatment choice and helps doctors to individualize a treatment strategy.

Options include valuable additions,like Immunologist consultation,one day stay ,ect.

Consultation by:

  • immunologist, oncologist, integrative medicine expert in order to develop a comprehensive treatment strategy to prevent or treat disease;
  • nutritionist to develop an individual nutrition plan;
  • nutritional supplement specialist – development of an individual
    supplement plan.
laborotoriskie izmeklējumi Gulbja laborotorija asins aina analīzes

Medical services for the patient:

  • complete blood test with specific immunological testing
  • ultrasound (USG) examination
  • 24/7 nurse assistance.

Other services for the patient:

  • one-night stay accommodation in a cozy room at AmberLife Clinic;
  • catering with nutritional low carb diet;
  • transfer from and to the airport.
consultation with oncologist

Package price-just for 1370

AmberLife Clinic provides several treatment protocols, and access to a range of resources, to help you finally make the shift from “being stuck in fear” to “empowering healing journey”.
AmberLife Clinic offers an integrative approach to disease treatment by combining traditional strategies along with data collected through lab testing, lifestyle changes, straightforward answers on what to do, eat and why, regular check-ins, and access to experts in Naturopathic and Integrative medicine.

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