AmberLife Clinic specializes in an integrative approach which includes complementary and conventional therapies to prevent and treat diseases, and most importantly, to promote optimal health. From the consultations and therapies offered at AmberLife Clinic people can benefit for treating cancer, Lyme´s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic intoxications, autoimmune diseases which belong to the group of chronic illnesses.

Cytotoxic treatments that also work with standard treatments improving efficacy & reduce side effects

Injection Therapy

Direct introduction of focused cancer-fighting agents.

Biological Therapy

Production of personalised anti-cancer medicine.

Radiosurgery with CyberKnife

Treatment to treat tumour lesions in patient’s body and inactivate them, to prolong symptom-free and overall survival.

Prescriptive Medications

Repurposed drugs used to manage known targets of cancer.

I.V. Therapy

Infusions of immunologic medicines such as Vitamin C, artesunate, curcumin, etc.

Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

Reducing the tumour volume, slowing the growth of metastasis, relieving the patient from pain.

Therapies that improve immune management of disease

IV infusion therapies

Direct infusion of high dose vitamins & other medicines.

Conventional Therapy Sensitisation

Maximising conventional treatment efficacy.

Injection Therapy

Focused immune support such as mistletoe therapy.

Biological Therapy

Biological agents to stimulate immune activity.

Targeted Supplementation

Oral meds to address known molecular targets of each patient’s cancer.

Detoxification / Chelation

Removal of toxins, heavy metals and other waste materials known to interfere with proper body function the immune system.
Personalising cutting edge prophylactics, prevention and rehabilitation  strategies

I.V. Therapy

Infusions to optimise nutrition and tissue health

Targeted Supplementation

Addressing each patients specific need for support

Dietary Counselling

Eating foods with benefits

Acupuncture & Lifestyle Counselling

Harnessing the benefits of exercise, stress management, mindfulness and other prevention strategies

Detoxification / Chelation

Remove toxins, heavy metals and other waste materials known to interfere with proper body function

Current Status Diagnostics

The use of certified laboratories to evaluate present medical status
Fast Health CheckUp and provision of an individual illness prevention plan

Preliminary Diagnostics

The use of certified laboratories to provide a diagnostic evaluation.

Detoxification / Chelation

Removes heavy metals, toxins, and other waste materials

Vital Support of Immune System

Targeted support for the vital system of the body to heal and repair.

Acupuncture & Lifestyle Counselling

Using acupuncture & harnessing the benefits of exercise, stress management, mindfulness, etc.

Dietary Counselling

Understanding the best foods for your specific body/disease.


Integrative health care is designed to empower the patients with knowledge and information to initiate personal responsibility to not only maintain health but to improve it. AmberLife Cancer Clinic treats the body as a whole to attack disease. With a focus on treating the whole body, the path of integrative treatment improves the results of traditional medicine, while the chances of recovery double!


Comprehensive and individual approach to disease can be applied in parallel with traditional treatment – this is the key to a high rate of successful improvement of patient’s condition and recovery from disease. The body works as an integrated system, so our ability to combine the latest in diagnostics, conventional medical treatment, and evidence-based alternative and complementary therapies creates a synergistic effect leading to more choices and better results.


Our medical team is well experienced in Integrative and Complementary Oncology, is fully committed to providing the best Comprehensive Treatment Programme that is backed by solid scientific research and analysis to successfully treat cancer. Working with an integrative health specialist provides patients with not only greater insight of potential health risks and how to prevent and reverse them but also provides a wider spectrum of personalized health-care options to support the vital system of the body to heal and repair.