Latvia not only has amber, but they have all different types and colors of amber.

Latvia is a small gem in more ways than you can imagine. If people have heard of Latvia they often think about Latvia as being one of the worlds best sources of the gem stone called Amber. Indeed, Latvia not only has amber, but they have all different types and colors of amber. Actually, might not need to go to an amber jeweler to find amber, you can find amber walking on the beautiful beaches and river sides. Amber is a unique gemstone because it was once a living thing. Amber was once the prehistoric the sap of giant pine trees that grew here. Amber may have energetic healing properties. It is very important that our integrative medicine clinic is named Amber Life Clinic.

Then there is the city of Jurmala. If you were living in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s you would likely know something about medical tourism in the city of Jurmala. During the Russian Soviet occupation era (1940-1991) the medical tourism treasure of Jurmala was reserved for mostly for the soviet oligarchy elite, and definitely not a place people were allowed to visit as a famous place of relaxation and healing. Eventually, people of the world forgot about Jurmala.

Before the mid 1800’s, the area of the Jurmala peninsula was home mostly to fishing villages. But this area was recorded as a place for natural mineral baths since the 1600’s. By the 1800’s the word had spread about the health benefits of the natural mineral baths in Jurmala. Thanks to the lectures and research on Balneology of doctors like Dr. Alexander Lazinsky, soon, the world knew about Jurmala. The foundation for the modern concept of medical tourism was founded in places like Jurmala.


In fact, Riga is known as the “Paris of the Baltic” partly because the city has the largest and best intact examples of Art Nouveau architecture outside of Paris. Likewise, Jurmala became known as the “Riviera of the Baltic” because of the stunningly beautiful beaches, the health spas and many resorts. Amber Life Clinic is a new concept different than the traditional clinic or spas, but it acknowledges the history and embraces the nearby attractions.

I feel as though I have the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants in Latvia. Some of the pioneers of medical tourism from the dawn of the modern era called Jurmala their home. Some of the giants of medical tourism in the past few decades called the Bahamas home. I feel particularly blessed to stand in both places and help so many people. If you enjoyed this blog, please share and subscribe. We are here for you.

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