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More than 1500 people are dying everyday in the U.S. because of cancer. The treatment of this disease is very complex, and it lasts for years, if not even for decades. All this requires funds.

The cancer patients and their families do realise the amount of the sums, spent on the treatment of cancer, and if the patient chooses solely the conventional treatments, the health insurance police is quite helpful. However, if the patients wants to take the complementary or natural way of healing, then such decision should be funded on the patient’s own, and that is not always possible, especially, if the person has already walked through the conventional therapy path, that, alone, resulted, helplessly for the patient.

But there is an option for the USA patients.

The option, which is slightly know for the patients in the U.S.

According to the legislation of the USA the person has the right to sell his or her health insurance police and get up to 80% of the funds. These funds can be spent on anything the person wants, including the investment in one’s natural healing journey.

With this, it is necessary to remember, that there is always a way out, and cancer should not be a death sentence.

Moreover, we personally know Marcus Ellis, who has already helped a few of our patients to get funds for cancer treatment. You can read more information here >>>

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