Does Cancer Increase Your Risk of Dying from Other Causes?

The diagnosis of cancer usually comes after a series of life stressing illnesses…Those health stress don’t go away on their own.

Numerous studies have shown that illnesses like diabetes or infections as well as social health stresses like tobacco or alcohol abuse and even psychological stresses like depression and PTSD have all been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer.  But, the truth is that people with cancer who have these other health stresses often die from those pre-existing illnesses rather than the cancer.  The sad fact is that most health care providers forget about the many other health issues because they are fixated on the diagnosis of ‘cancer’.  So, the doctor and the client both forget about the other health issues and those non cancer health issues get out of control and kill the person before the cancer can kill them.

This is one of many reasons you should seek the advise of a doctor who understands integrative medicine.  Not forgetting to control all integrated aspects of health is very important, but few doctors know how to control or reverse chronic illnesses like diabetes or dementia.  The integrative medicine approach involves the combination of standard acute care medicine with functional nutritional medicine, body work medicine, emotional medicine, and energy medicine.   The integrative medicine approach extends life first because it looks at the body as a whole rather than in parts and thus is less likely to overlook old issues when a new issue like cancer comes up.

The issue gets even deeper.  Today, I am asking about the risk of dying from other causes that might actually develop after the diagnosis of cancer.  Sometimes, this is even more problematic because while healthcare providers and clients are busy focusing their attention on the cancer, everyone is likely to miss the new diseases that can happen as a result of the cancer and the cancer therapies.

The classic example of a new disease that happens as a result of having cancer is the development of heart failure.  This heart failure develops when someone is diagnosed with cancer on an emotional basis because of the psychological and financial stress people face when told they have cancer.  People forget to check the heart because the focus is only on the cancer.  Then, to make matters worse, the actual treatments commonly used in standard care medicine can directly damage the heart (and many other organs also).  Chemotherapy is often toxic to the heart. Radiation is toxic to the heart.  A new large research study published in the European Heart Journal found that 10% of people diagnosed with cancer actually died from heart failure and not from the cancer.  In fact, 61% of people with cancer who died from heart disease had breast, prostate and bladder cancer.  For me, the shocking discovery in this research was that the younger a person is when they are diagnosed with cancer the more likely that person is to die from heart disease.  The reason is as I have outlined in the paragraphs above.  But, there may be more reasons that can help explain this shocking news.  Hormone imbalances and nutritional imbalances that are the root metabolic cause for cancer are also the root causes for most other diseases, including heart disease.  Integrative medicine addresses these root issues in ways that standard medicine doesn’t.

This is the third most important reason to seek the advice of an integrative medicine specialist…We know many ways to reduce, prevent or reverse the damage done to the body from chemo-toxins and radio-toxins.  I am very proud to be the chief integrative medicine adviser for Amber Life Clinic in Latvia.  It is our goal to develop Amber Life Clinic into the first center of excellence for integrative medicine for northern Europe.  I am honored that out of all the integrative medicine doctors in the world, they have chosen me to head up this development plan.  I will continue to develop my integrative medicine clinic in the Bahamas where I have been training new doctors who seek me out to start learning real integrative medicine.  Everyone reading this will benefit from the collaboration.


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