How Did a Doctor From The Bahamas Become the Integrative Medicine Consultant in Latvia?

Few people in life have the opportunity to follow their dreams because I recognize that life is tragic and doomed to be full of obstacles.  It is for this reason that we should recognize the moments of happiness and then celebrate those moments of happiness when we can.  My story is about choosing to view life as hard work rather than hardship.  If you read this blog post, you will not only learn a little story about some of life’s lessons, but I hope find entertainment.

“Every storm has a silver lining.”

This is one of those maxims most people have heard.  For me it has been one of my rules for living.  For the past 20 years I have been pursuing my dream to introduce to my home island nation in the Bahamas the concepts of integrative and wellness medicine.  Of course there have been several obstacles professionally, privately, and naturally.  The almost annual arrival of hurricanes to our islands is something we are in constant preparation for.  But, every so often we get a ‘super storm’ that levels destruction comparable to the destruction of war.  Unfortunately, we had two category 5 super storms target our island in the span of 3 years.  With previous hurricanes, because our island was accustomed to properly prepare, we miraculously didn’t have must loss of life.  The hurricane Dorian in 2019 was the strongest storm on record to make landfall in the Atlantic.  That storm stalled on top of our island for 3 days and the result was hard to describe.  In addition to the property damage, I lost cousins, friends, clients, a former employee and pets.   I was determined to find the silver lining even in that storm.

Over the past 20 years, I had reached the level of respect and expertise in integrative medicine, and I felt that I had set into motion a foundation that has forever transformed the practice of medicine in the Bahamas.  Several other local doctors were now joining me to learn integrative medicine and on other islands they were opening integrative medicine clinics.  My role was transforming into a master teacher for integrative medicine.  I had been considering when it might be time to have a more active role as an integrative medicine consultant at an international level.     Hurricane Dorian had destroyed our hospitals and airports, I had doctors I had trained to now cover for me, thanks to hurricane Dorian the time was now right to explore my role as an integrative medicine consultant for other places in the world who needed guidance in building their own integrative medicine services.  I used this time after the storm to explore my options.  This process opened the possibility for me to work with the talented medical team at Amber Life Clinic in Jurmala Latvia.

I had visited Latvia previously over the past 5 years for seminars and even on a family vacation.  Latvia felt familiar to me.  Jurmala in particular felt very comfortable for me.  Jurmala is a famous beach resort town on a peninsula/island on the coast near the capital Riga.  It is about the same size as the island I grew up on.  I felt that I had been working hard all my life so that serving clients as the integrative medicine consultant at Amber Life Clinic was the next challenge best suited for me. 

The relationship with Amber Life Clinic and Latvia is a two-way benefit.  I must admit that I am learning as much here in Latvia as I am bringing with me.  I feel confident that I will be returning to the Bahamas with even greater opportunity as we rebuild even stronger than before.  If you enjoyed this story, please share and subscribe.  I don’t want you to miss any updates.


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