Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy

Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy


Immunotherapy treatments are changing the landscape of how we think about fighting advanced disease.

Groundbreaking clinical cancer treatments are being highlighted among the medical community, of those, Dendritic Cell Vaccines (DCV) is one we offer here at Amber Life Cancer Clinic.  Let us explain how and why we offer DCV in our clinic.

Dendritic Cell Therapy boosts the numbers by taking some immature Dendritic Cells from the patient’s own blood and cultivating, processing and activating them in the laboratory. It is a complex and highly special¬ised process that only a few laboratories can perform. AmberLife Cancer Clinic collaborates with a laboratory in Lithuania to assure the very best quality of cells.

How does the DCV affect cancer cells?

  1. Dendritic cells a type of immune cell that plays an important role in starting an immune response, are isolated from a patient’s blood.
  2. They are mixed with cancer marker (antigen) in a dish, in the lab.
  3. Dendritic cell take in the antigen and post them like flags on their surface.
  4. The vaccine is created from the dendritic cells and is injected back into the body.
  5. The vaccine triggers another type of immune cell (T-cell) to destroy cancer cells.

More detailed information about Dendritic Cell Vaccine 

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Why do patients choose DCV?

Dendritic Cell Therapy is a powerful form of immunotherapy used to fight cancer. The dendritic cell is the most potent of all antigen-presenting immune cells.

Their job is to break down cancer cells so the T-cells can then identify and attack them. Dendritic Cells are seldom active in adequate numbers to get this immune response in the face of active cancer.

This type of Dendritic Cell Therapy is targeted therapy. The particular tumor markers are cultured as well as trained, and therefore are tumor specific. This is a more advanced procedure than just training the Dendritic Cells.

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