Dendritic Cell Vaccine therapy package description

What’s included:

-Consultation with Oncologist and/or Immunologist

-Specific Blood test (if necessary)

-Transfer for blood collection to Lithuania (to laboratory)

The next step is to wait for vaccine manufacturing ( up to 4 weeks)

As soon as vaccines are ready ( 4 to 12 vaccines) the first 3 are to be applied in ~6 days interval. The rest are to be applied each ~21st day. Time span of injections is subject to Doctors indication.

Please be informed , single blood collection might insure 4 to 12 Dendritic Cell Vaccines to be produced. Depends on the quality of the individual blood.

For the first 3 vaccines patient is welcome to stay in the Clinic. The rest vaccines might be sent to country of patient residence.

NB! The remaining Dendritic Cell Vaccines must be sent to medical institution or Doctor, who will then continue DCV injections.  Must be also insured that vaccines are stored in the following conditions:

Up to six months at – 80°C

Up to one year at -182°C

In case patient doesn’t have a possibility to arrange storage of DCV and administration of injections at his/her place of residence, our clinic can provide further DCV treatment onsite. A patient is welcome to arrive in our Clinic each ~21st day to receive DCV injection onsite.

In case patient is willing to receive first 3 DCV injection in the Clinic we offer the following:

  • Medical Services:

Case assessment

First 3 DCV injections

Complete blood test (including immunological testing)

Consultations with oncologist

Consultations with immunologist

Development of an individual treatment plan

Ultrasound examination (if Doctor finds it necessary)

Nursing services

Consultation with Nutrition Therapist – Development of an individual nutrition

Physiotherapy sessions

Art therapy sessions

Qigong therapy (mind and body techniques education and practices)


Detox or vitamin C treatment ( if Doctor finds it necessary)

  1. Other services:

12 days accommodation in a standard room at Amber Life and Integrative Medicine Cancer Clinic (equivalent to 4-star hotel)


Transfer Services

Additional charges:

Shippment of DCV

Extra examinations (MRI, CT, PET/CT scans and ect)

Extra day/night accommodation, catering and other services (transfers & ect)

Additional consultations with specialists, for example, Psychotherapist and/or from above listed

Catering and accomodation services for accompanying person staying in the same room ( 100 Eur a day)

Please inform us if you are willing to stay in Latvia for the period of DCV manufacturing ( 2 – 4 weeks) our patient service will provide you with a special offer.