Is it possible to combine therapies? How to combine them?

We are integrative medicine practitioners and therapies can be combined with other treatment options.

Depending on the medical case of the patient we are looking for the best therapy combinations. There are possibilities combine integrative medicine therapies 2-3 weeks after surgery, radiation or at least one week prior after chemotherapy.

How long is the treatment at the Amber Life Cancer Clinic?

Minimum stay at Amber Life Cancer Clinic for the first onsite therapy variates from 5 -14 days, including up to 3 months long patient service and doctor remote monitoring.  For further information please contact ALCC Patient Service.

What are the costs of treatment at the Amber Life Cancer Clinic?

Costs vary upon diagnosis and the treatment plan designed for you. Prior to your arrival to Amber Life Cancer Clinic, our Patent Service representative will discuss your treatment plan with you along with the associated costs and room availability. Following that discussion, you will receive a contract outlining your treatments and costs. Please feel free to ask our representatives any questions at this stage. Once the contract is signed, you will be cleared to travel to the clinic.

Is the food provided in the cost?

Yes, meals are provided in the cost. An individual nutritionist consultation is also in the cost so that during your stay you will have healthy and balanced meals.

What types of cancer do you treat?

we are dealing and showing best results:

  • Melanoma,
  • Sarcoma,
  • Breast cancer,
  • Ovarian cancer,
  • Cervical cancer,
  • Brain cancer,
  • Gastric cancer,
  • Uterine cancer,
  • Bladder cancer,
  • Prostate cancer,
  • Colorectal cancer,
  • Pancreatic cancer,
  • Oesophageal cancer,
  • Kidney cancer,
  • Liver cancer,
  • Lung cancer
What else should be done to maximize efficiency of therapy?

Patient’s individual response may depend on many factors. Our doctors always look for the best treatment combinations to increase the effectiveness of therapy

We check blood analyses and immunological status to exclude situations with marked immune suppression or hyperactivation. We also check for the extent of the disease as our experience shows that the efficacy of therapies depends on tumour load.

How long does therapy treatments last?

Reawakening and enhancing the immune system is complex and requires every step to be performed carefully and in a specific order.

Usually, the full course of injection treatment lasts between two to three years. The most intensive schedule is during the first 12 months. Thereafter to maintain the immune “memory” the treatment is provided less frequently.

Will you help me get a visa?

Of course, Amber Life Cancer Clinic personal will help you get a visa and help you in other situations if it is needed.

Which languages the personnel of Amber Life Cancer Clinic speak?

Our personnel speaks freely in Latvian, Russian and English.

Why is cancer so hard to treat?

The difficulty in treating cancer is that it’s not a single disease, but rather a group of diseases. In total there are more than 100 different types of cancers. Cancers are also caused by different things, so no one strategy can prevent them. Likewise, different cancers respond to different treatments, so no one treatment can cure them all. Treating cancer is further complicated due to the lifestyle and attitude of patients, the different physiology of people and the rate their bodies will metabolise drugs, the blood supply to the tumour affecting the drug getting into the tumour, the tumour physiology and the fact that the tumour can continue to change.

Can I buy medication from Amber Life Cancer Clinic?

No, the purchase is possible only through the Medical Service Agency.

Is there a place where I can park my car?

Yes, right next to the Amber Life Cancer Clinic there is a parking spot where patients could leave their cars.

What should I do after receiving treatment at the clinic? How to continue the therapy at home?

On discharge from the ALCC, you will receive treatment and recommendations plan for the next 3 months that you can continue at home. Some patients perform injections by themselves, others prefer it to be done by a nurse.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Amber Life Cancer Clinic is thankful for your interest. First of all we kindly remind that you should contact our Patient Service and set an appointment at least a week before you plan to arrive in order that we could guarantee that you will have a pleasant treatment and everything is taken care of.

When making your appointment (depending upon individual situation), our Patient Service will inform you on what you should mail and/or bring. Please complete the application form and bring it to your appointment.

We must warn you that the treatment starts when half of the bill is paid. The other half is paid at the second day when you will stay at Amber Life Cancer Clinic.

Do you have wheelchairs available?

Amber Life Cancer Clinic is completely adjusted for people with mobility impairments. We would be thankful if you would warn us just to make sure that you will experience a comfortable stay at ALCC.

How can I get information on a particular doctor?

We in Amber Life Cancer Clinic have wonderful doctors all specialists in their field. Please contact our Patient Service in written form, they will inform you about the newest information.

What does Amber Life Cancer Clinic offer that I might not find elsewhere?

Amber Life Cancer Clinic has received international premium class accreditation that allows offering high level medical and patient services in cancer virotherapy. ALCC provides patients with effective and complex cancer treatment with virotherapy, additionally including elements of complementary and integrative medicine.

Patients are offered ambulatory/stationary treatment possibilities and consultations with oncologists and immunologists practising integrative medicine, as well as nutritionists and various relevant speciality doctors.

To its patients and their accompanying persons, Amber Life Cancer Clinic delivers excellent patient service, starting with visa invitations, patient welcoming, accommodation, accompanying, and supervision during all of the treatment processes.

What can I do, to achieve optimal treatment results?

You should thoroughly follow all the recommendations given at ALCC and maintain a positive mindset.

Are there any tourist venues I can enjoy during my stay at the clinic?

The Amber Life Cancer Clinic is located in Jurmala the biggest resort in the Baltic States. It is special with its specific architecture with carved decorations, chalet type houses which are 19th century’s bright construction features in the city building. Not far away is the Baltic Sea – a sand beach. All around Jūrmala are pine trees that make the air pleasantly fresh. Nearby there are several Spa centres with relaxation and beauty procedures, swimming pools and saunas. Amber Life Cancer Clinic is one block away from Jomas street – the most popular street of Jūrmala during the summer period, not only where can you find many different restaurants of your taste but also shops of local souvenirs and much more.

Only an hour away is our capital city Riga – a place in which centuries meet. Riga is included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. Here you’ll find a dynamic cultural life, beautiful and diverse architecture, a cuisine – both modern and traditional, city for shopping and much more.

What do I need to bring to the clinic?

Please consult your patient manager that you should have received from Patient Service for more details.

What are the facilities provided at the Amber Life Cancer Clinic?
  • Wireless Internet (bring your laptop if you wish)
  • Satellite TV  in every room
  • Laundry service as required
  • Baltic Sea beach access across the street (boardwalk)
  • Private rooms and almost all rooms have a bathroom
  • Healthy, organic, and varied food
  • Personalized physician care 7 days a week
  • Pick-up at the airport or place of arrival
  • Tours and trips in Jūrmala and Riga – available upon request
  • English and Russian speaking staff
  • Peaceful and non-imposing treatment rooms
  • 220 Voltage outlets
  • Disabled people friendly
What if I cannot travel to your clinic?

This is unusual, but in specific cases we might be able to qualify you for a home only program, please contact us if you would like to discuss your options.

Is there a follow-up program at the Amber Life Cancer Clinic?

Our philosophy at Amber Life Cancer Clinic is to embrace each patient entirely as a member of our family. Our Patient Service manager is in contact with the patient over the phone, webcasts and email. We will systematically monitor your supplements, lab results, and all scans, in conjunction with your local physician if needed, after you return home.

Where is the Amber Life Cancer Clinic located?

Where is the Amber Life Cancer Clinic located?

We are located in Latvia – a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, one of the three Baltic states -, Jūrmala, Jaunā street 12, about 25 kilometres (16 miles) west of the capital city Riga. 20 minute drive from the Riga International Airport (RIX).

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