Cancer – today’s disaster

Every person on our planet is unique. There are no two identical people, even if they are twins. This is true also in case of disease; we react to the illnesses and treatment differently. That is why in a situation of such a complex and frightening diagnosis, known as cancer, it is crucial to keep in mind the idea of every person’s uniqueness.

Today’s disaster – Cancer.

The number of cancer patients is growing at a dramatic extent globally. More people, especially younger people get cancer these days. We only keep asking ourselves, why is this happening? What can we do about it? Maybe we need to change something?

Cancer is one word, but in reality, it is a hundred and more diagnoses. Every person’s cancer is different. It is complex, and it is not just a disease of one part of the body, it is the condition of the whole organism. So, why do we choose the one-fits-all program of treatment? It would be right to take into consideration the person as a whole, to search for the cause of the disease, without focusing on the symptoms and to implement the personalized treatment for the particular person and his or her particular condition.

Such changes are already happening in Latvia, Jurmala in the clinic AmberLife Cancer clinic. The motto of ALCC is the right treatment for the right patient at the right time and that is indeed what cancer patients were longing for. It is one of its kind not only in Latvia but also in the Baltic region in general.

ALCC is practicing integrative medicine. It is biological medicine or in other words functional medicine, which is putting at the center the person as a whole, while the treatment is implemented with the help of biological resources, not chemical ones. It may sound like something new, but actually, it has been known for ages, and only last 3-4 generations of people are using chemical medicine. However, if we look globally, there is a very significant shift happening today in the world regarding the health issues in general. And it could be forecasted that soon such clinics as ALCC are going to have a major impact on the health sphere.

ALCC started as a one therapy clinic, but recently it was added with 3 therapies more, that were very carefully chosen from the great number of integrative therapies offered globally these days. Today, there are 4 main therapies offered at ALCC for the treatment of cancer:

  • Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy,
  • Cytokine-Induced Killer cell Therapy,
  • Local Hyperthermia,
  • Ozone Therapy,
  • Oncolytic Virotherapy,
  • Intravenous infusion therapies with non-toxic substances like high dose Vitamin C, Curcumin, Artesunate, DSA, etc.,
  • Mistletoe Therapy,
  • Biological Dentistry,
  • Lutetium-177PSMA therapy.

Cancer is a 21st-century lifestyle disease.

ALCC offered therapies approach is differing from the conventional medicine approaches in the way of understanding the disease in general. Cancer is a 21st-century lifestyle disease. It means that our lifestyle and our nutrition are the factors that lead to developing this disease, that is why it is necessary to start from changing these factors, and at ALCC we are helping people to do it while offering them biological therapies. It cannot be done only with the help of chemical resources offered by conventional medicine.

Every person, arriving at ALCC, gets a personal treatment plan and individual care. That is why specialists at ALCC spend much time on analyzing the person’s health and examining his or her organism before getting to the treatment plan. It is done to ensure the most effective treatment that will correspond to the unique needs of a particular person, his or her immune system and cancer.

One more factor which distinguishes ALCC is the role of the immune system in the process of treatment. It is known that the immune system is the one responsible for us having cancer or not having cancer. If we do, then something is not functioning in our immune system and we have to fix it. That is why all the therapies offered at ALCC are focusing on activating, restoring and improving immune health.

As it was mentioned cancer is a complex condition, and that is why it needs a complex program to overcome it. Nutrition is a major factor of our health in general and in the case of cancer it plays a huge role. ALCC has its own kitchen and offers personalized nutrition plan for their patients, as well as consultations of a nutritionist, who will examine their previous eating habits and teach them how to eat in future to benefit their health, not harm it.

There are different specialists working at ALCC from many fields. Apart from experienced oncologists and immunologists, there are also nutritionists, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, and other specialists, that help a person’s body and mind feel better.

One of the distinguishing features of the clinic is that it looks like an ordinary clinic neither from the outside nor from the inside. This is made with the purpose not to make people feel that they are undergoing treatment in the clinic, but to help them feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving integrative therapies. ALCC is more like a high-level hotel, medically equipped at a professional scale.

Why so?

ALCC stands out from other clinics, which provide cancer care, by not only providing integrative, safe, non-harmful therapies, which focus on reactivating the immune system, that is the main weapon in the battle against cancer, but also it supports people, and motivates them to turn into this battle with every single cell of their body, helps to realize that cancer should not be a death sentence.

In fighting cancer there is not the only one factor, it is a complex of factors, which can be divided into three main groups like:

  • psychological factors,
  • medical factors,
  • lifestyle factors.

Usually in the process of treatment only medical part is used, and the patient is sent back home without information of what and how he or she can and should do to keep overcoming the disease, and as a result, cancer gets stronger or comes back. What is left under-regarded is the belief and the ALCC team takes into account the psychological and lifestyle issues as well; they support their patients and help them to make life-saving changes in their living, habits, and way of thinking. These changes are crucial because you will not get better results if you will keep doing the same things.

Cancer touches not only the person’s body but also all of the spheres of a person’s life.

Thus, whichever stage of the road you are at currently, it is crucial to get all the support possible – hearing the word cancer for the first time, or going through your every day with it, being in the process of battling cancer or entering the stage of a cancer-free life. Walking this path is hard and life-changing both for the patient and for his or her loved ones.  This complex path includes proper diet, qualitative rest, and stress management for the patient and his or her close people.

What is also important in this battle is the sense of not being alone and the need to be listened and understood.

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