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AmberLife Cancer Clinic treats the body as a whole to attack cancer. With a focus on treating the whole body, the path of integrative treatment improves the results of traditional medicine, while the chances of recovery double!


Comprehensive and individual approach to cancer treatment can be applied in parallel with traditional treatment – this is the key to a high rate of successful improvement of patient’s condition and recovery from cancer.


Our medical team is well experienced in Integrative and Complementary Oncology, is fully committed to providing the best Comprehensive Treatment Programme that is backed by solid scientific research and analysis to successfully treat cancer.

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CIK Cytokine induced


To all at ALCC. Thank you. As the patient, this is the best I have felt in over a year. I have been inspired by a different approach to healing.

Penny & Barry Davis, South Africa

To everyone here in ALCC thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our stay so incredible. We enjoyed every minute. The food was absolutely incredible. Thank you for everything. Hope to see you in 6 months.

Nikki & David Tew, South Africa

As the mother of a patient doing Virotherapy and Gerson Therapy, I extend my heartfelt thanks to ALCC for bringing health back to our daughter, Kym. Words cannot express how my family feels about the amazing results achieved. With deep regards from Robin Edwards, Australia. With love and thanks to the incredible staff. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Robin Edwards, Australia

I recommend the treatment, the professionalism, the service and the result.

Inese Tomase 27.04.2016.

Great staff, nice environment and good advice.

Claire Goodman14.11.2018.

It’s one on the best experiences I’ve been doing in my life.
Wonderful staff ❣️
Thank you ♥️

Fabiola Fabbian06.02.2019.

I have learned a lot

Thank you so much for everything! I have learned a lot for myself after these days. Now my hope is on virotherapy and taking care of myself.

Love, Catherine and Clas, Netherlands 07.09.2018

I’m very proud that after using virotherapy I gave birth to a healthy baby

There is no doubt also women without children who have been diagnosed with melanoma and are afraid that they won’t be able to have children. They might think that they can’t have a complete life. I have a healthy child and my girl is living proof that it can happen.

Zane from Latvia 5.08.2017.

I like the way how you treat people- as a whole person, holistic approach. And it definitely works!

Nadine from the United Kingdom 16.08.2017.

“To everyone here at ALCC – thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our stay so incredible. We enjoyed every minute. The food was absolutely incredible. Thank you for everything. Hope to see you again in 6 months.”

Thank you for an inspiring week at the AmberLife Cancer Clinic You are all wonderful, beautiful people; the dedication, empathy, support and of course, the work carried out by the entire team could never be surpassed, and what a stunning location in Jurmala!

This has been a mind-blowing and in fact a life-changing experience for us these past 7 days. We are ever so grateful for all that you have done for us, true professionalism at it’s best, kindness and care in every aspect!

Lisbeth from Denmark


“I was so tired after surgery. It was a kinda teamwork!” – Lisbeth encourages to take a stand for one’s wellbeing “Don’t believe if somebody says that You’ll gonna die soon.”


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