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The AmberLife Clinic provides a team of medically trained, naturally focused doctors committed to understanding the full scope of evident integrative cancer management options and bringing those options to our patients. We work with natural therapies and support conventional treatments to develop individualized protocols that target your needs, maximize efficacy and deliver optimal outcomes.

Treatment modalities may include following


WHAT CAN YOU CURE? Neoplastic diseases that can be treated with oncological hyperthermia: Surface tumors • Melanomas / Epitheliomas / cutaneous metastases / Lymph nodes / superficial relapses Deep tumors • Sarcomas / Lung / Pleura / Pancreas / Pelvis / Liver / Bones / Colon / Kidney / Stomach / Bladder / Brain / Pharynx / Head - Neck / Larynx / Prostate / Maxillofacial / Jawbone / Cheeks / Female genital organs / Genital organs male
Noninvasive prostate cancer treatment with CberKnife M6 Robotic Radiosurgery
certified mental health integrative medicine provider
certified mental health integrative medicine provider
certified mental health integrative medicine provider
Targeted radionuclide therapy Lu - 177 PSMA prostate cancer therapy
certified mental health integrative medicine provider
certified mental health integrative medicine provider
Mistletoe Helixor therapy certified mental health integrative medicine provider
certified mental health integrative medicine provider
certified health integrative medicine provider
Health Check-Ups and


Ultrasound (USG) is painless, very informative and quickly performed method of visual diagnostics, which helps to evaluate the structure of various organs and soft tissues. USG examination is harmless, which uses ultrasound high-frequency sound waves. It is used to visualize both internal organs and superficial structures (thyroid, breast, muscles, tendons, testicles, etc.) With the help of ultrasonography, modern medicine is able to determine the size, structure and damage of internal organs by obtaining a tomographic image in real time. USG is a common diagnostic method in modern medicine for diagnosis.

AmberLife Clinic specializes in an integrative approach which includes complementary and conventional therapies to prevent and treat diseases, and most importantly, to promote optimal health.

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From the consultations and therapies offered at AmberLife Clinic people can benefit for treating cancer, Lyme´s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic intoxications, autoimmune diseases which belong to the group of chronic illnesses.

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Lisbeth from Denmark


“I was so tired after surgery. It was a kinda teamwork!” – Lisbeth encourages to take a stand for one’s wellbeing “Don’t believe if somebody says that You’ll gonna die soon.”


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AmberLife Clinic is a full-service medical institution with access to a wide range of World class diagnostics and Integrative medical treatments for our patients. We are ready to ensure specific examinations and targeted consultations with well-qualified specialists in their respective fields.

We are creating wide partnership with companies and individual partners around the world, to ensure availability of solid information to cancer patients about integrative cancer treatments and accessibility options to treat diseases in AmberLife Cancer Clinic.



AmberLife Clinic has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards.

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